Formal Dining Room Table Refinishing

Is it Time to Refinish Your Dining Room Table?

At your local Formal Dining Room Table Refinishing company, Surfaces Rx offers Dining Room Table Refinishing services in Dallas, Texas, which is second to none in quality and customer satisfaction. We’re proud to say that all of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results of their refinished dining room tables, and they tell us they will never use anyone else if they need their formal dining room table refinished again!

Reasons your table might need refinishing

Formal Dining Room Table Refinishing Dallas

Wear and tear. Even with just one use per day, your dining room table will inevitably show signs of wear over time. If you can feel rough patches on your tabletop or look down and see scuffs, these are signs that you need refinishing; they’re not signs that you need a new table. Ask yourself: has there been any chipping or peeling over time? Has the food been spilled on top of it multiple times? A professional cleaning might be all it takes to spruce up your existing piece, but if your surface is showing more damage than anticipated (or if you want something different), dining room table refinishing may be for you.

What to expect during the table refinishing process?

Dining Room Table Refinishing

It all starts with an estimate for table refinishing. Because no two pieces of furniture are alike, we’ll personally give you a free estimate for how much time and money your project will take. To get started send us pictures the the old table. And then Surfaces Rx will call you and listen to your vision for how you want your refinished table to look. With that in mind, we will go over a few different table refinishing options that fit your budget.

What to look for in Table Refinishers

During Dining Room Table Refinishing

If you own a quality dining room table and it has lost its luster, you may want to consider refinishing. Some elements of your dining room table’s condition may require particular care and attention during table refinishing. Like any other home improvement job, you should consider many aspects of dining room table refinishing before choosing a company.

You want to make sure they are a legitimate Dallas Table Refinishing company. Be sure to check their website, look for positive reviews and ratings, ask for a certificate of insurance and a written estimate.

How long does a refinished table last?

Dining Room Table Refinishing by Surfaces Rx Dallas TX

Quality, well-made furniture will last for decades with proper care. That said, if you’re looking for a fresh look, painting or refinishing your old dining room table may be a great option. Our Dallas dining room table refinishing services can help restore your table so it remains beautiful and functional in any home décor style. You don’t have to replace an old table that still has years of life left; let us restore it back to its original beauty! Or change the color and sheen all together with our dining room table refinishing service. 

What's the cost of table refinishing ?

During Dining Room Table Refinishing

When you refinish your table, you can bring back its original color and grain. But, how much will table refinishing cost you? Typically, customers who want a full restoration to make their furniture look like new pay an average of $400 per foot. For example, if your table is eight feet long then you can expect to pay about $3200 plus materials, tax, and shipping.

Where is Your Refinishing Workshop

Dining Room Table Refinishing Being Sanding

Surfaces Rx has been a leading provider of dining room table refinishing services in Dallas for over years. If you want your old table back in prime condition, we can help. Call us for a free estimate or to make an appointment to drop off your furniture at our Table Refinishing Workshop near the Dallas Design District at 1121 Conveyor Lane, Dallas, TX 75247.

Do you Pick and Delivery Tables for Refinishing at your Workshop? 

Yes. Many people consider refinishing their dining room table but don’t know where to start. If you have a table in good condition that is ready for some new life, we can help! At Surfaces Rx Dallas, we specialize in providing high-quality refinishing services so that your table will look great and last for years! Call us today to schedule an appointment or to order your pick up. We would love to help you restore your piece of furniture.

Are there different refinishing options

Many people don’t realize that there are different refinishing options available for wood. Depending on what look you want, and what wood you have, you can choose from a wide variety of finishes. These include Total Restoration, Table-Top Only Refinishing, Table Touchups, New Tabletop Veneer, and Table Painting. Depending on your vision and budget. Surfaces Rx will be glad to provide a Table Refinishing estimate for any or all options. Call us to get started.

How do I pick out a new stain color

Dining Room Table Refinishing During Staining

Picking out a new stain color is quite simple. We’ll walk you through all of your different options and then let you pick which stain color fits your home best. When deciding on a new stain color, we first need to identify what type of wood your table is; then, we narrow down your options to one or two specific stains that will go well with your design style. Selecting your new stain color can be done before or after Surfaces Rx removes the old finish, makes repairs, and sands the table during the table refinishing process.

What is the right finish for my table

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing your finish. There are oil-based and water-based finishes. And what’s really the best finish for your table refinishing project — is it polyurethane, lacquer, or wax; solid shellac, catalyzed lacquer, or hand-rubbed shellac? It all depends on the type of feel and sheen finish needed to achieve the look you want for your new refinished table by Surfaces Rx.

Do you guarantee your table refinishing?

At Surfaces Rx we guarantee our Table Refinishing work. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your table refinishing, we will re-do it until you are completely satisfied. We offer a wide range of colors and styles so you can get a custom look for your formal dining room table. Schedule an appointment today! Our experts can turn any piece of furniture into something new for your home or office space. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

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