Antique Dining Room Table Refinishing

Newly Refinished Dining Room Table Dallas Texas  

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The Owner purchased this 100-year old parquetry solid wood dining room table from The Cottonwood Market after consulting with us about the cost and timing to refinish the table in-time for a planned event. She purchased the piece and had it delivered to our Dallas Furniture Refinishing Workshop.

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As soon as we received the piece we began to prepare it for refinishing and discovered the table base was damaged and would need some reinforcement.

As you can see from the pictures below, the bottom of the table shows parquetry geometric pattern is created from a solid blocks of wood, not veneer.  And because it doesn’t have a tongue and groove, it can be refinished and restored many times in its lifetime.  There is a stamp under table in French. 

Dining Room Table Before Refinishing Dallas Texas

After repairing the table's base and reinforcing the frame with addition cross-supports we moved on to removing the old stain and sanding the table top. After we sanded the table top, we filled in all the cracks, dents and scratches.

Dining Room Table During Refinishing Dallas Texas

We then used the stain the client selected and stained the table top before the final touch ups. 

Dining Room Table During Touch-Up Dallas Texas

After the dining room table was refinished we coordinated with the owners to deliver and AB Moving to get their newly restored beautifully refinished dining room table delivered.  

Delivering the Dining Room Table After Refinishing 

Dining Room Table Before and After Refinishing  

French Parquetry Solid Wood Dining Room Table & Chairs
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