Grand Piano Refinishing – Wm. Knabe & Co Art Case

Surfaces Rx refinished this Antique Grand Piano Knabe & Wm Art Case onsite in a Turtle Creek Penthouse Condo that was being remodeling. After the musical instrument and keyboard were removed to be restored, Surfaces Rx stripped off the old finish, repaired all the scratches and gouges. 

Before we could prime the piano case, we needed to build a temporary paint booth to vent any vapors and odors through an operational window. Once that was completed we applied 2 coats of primer and then the matte black lacquerer base.

After allowing the lacquer to cure, Surfaces Rx hand-painted all the scrollwork with a custom antique gold colored paint before adding silver and gold leafing the scrollwork. The final step was to apply a clear sealer to protect the new piano art case's finish.  

Wm. Knabe & Co Art Case Grand Piano Before Refinishing

Built in the 1920's. Last Refinished 50 Year Ago.

Removing the Old Finish

Step 1. Remove the Old Finish and Repair Damages

Custom On-Site Paint Booth

Step 2. Follow Building Regulations to Vent Vapors

Priming the Grand Piano

Step 3.  After Repairs, Apply Two Coats of Primer

Matte Black Lacquer 

Step 4.  Apply Black Lacquer Before Hand-Painting the Scrollwork

Hand-Painting the Scrollwork

Step 5.  Hand-Plant Scrollwork

Antique Silver & Gold Leafing

Step 6.  Add Silver and Gold Leaf Highlighting to Scrollwork

After Antique Gold Leafing

Step 7.  Spray Clear Finish to Protect Gold Leafing on Scrollwork

Ready for the Instrument

Step 8.  Waiting for restored keyboard, keys, hammers, and strings before installing Piano Lid, Keyboard Cover and Music Stand.  

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