Office Furniture Refinishing

If you are looking for a professional and reliable company that specializes in office furniture refinishing, touch-ups, repairs, look no further than Surfaces Rx. We have extensive experience refinishing office furniture and can handle refinishing projects of any size.

Used Office Furniture
Before Refinishing

The first step in office furniture refinishing to get a free estimate from Surfaces Rx that is tailored to your desired furniture refinishing goal. Our clients choose office furniture refinishing because they want to change the color and finish. This client wanted the office furniture stained black.

Before Office Furniture Refinishing Dallas Tx by Surface Rx

Office Furniture
During Refinishing

The second step in office furniture refinishing to remove the finish and sand each piece.

During Office Furniture Refinishing Dallas Tx by Surface Rx

Office Furniture
During Staining

Once the office furniture has been sanded and repaired it is ready to be handed stained.

Office Furniture
After Top Coating

The final step in refinishing office furniture is professionally applying the right type of finish. Clients can choose between traditional and waterborne finishes in any sheen. 

After Office Furniture Refinishing Dallas Tx by Surface Rx

Refinished Office Furniture

One the most overlooked aspects and expenses of office furniture refinishing is moving the furniture from your location to the Surfaces Rx Refinishing Workshop. We generally include professional pick up and delivery using a local licensed and insured moving company.  

Surfaces Rx also provides onsite millwork finishing, touch-ups, repairs, and refinishing services for interior doors, wall paneling, elevator cabs, crown moldings, door frames, molding, or trim. 

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