Furniture Redesign | Hand Painted Drop-Leaf Table

Surfaces Rx transformed this old dated solid cherry wood drop-leap table into a beautiful hand-painted one-of-a-kind piece to match the owners Walnut Bedroom Furniture. The piece was custom hand-stained by Surfaces Rx in-house furniture Redesigner and Refinisher.

After Dallas Furniture Redesign Drop Leaf Table with New Walnut Finish

It's the nicest piece of bedroom furniture we have

Kenny R

Surfaces amazed us when they transformed our cherry drop-leaf table into one of the nicest pieces of furniture in our bedroom. 

We would have been happy just to have it refinished but Surfaces Rx told us about how they could redesign the piece to match any piece and we gave them one of the drawers from our bedroom dresser. And wow. The matched it.  

Before Surfaces Rx Furniture Redesign

Before Surfaces Rx Furniture Redesign

During Surfaces Rx Furniture Redesign - Removing the existing finish

Sanding off the stain and scratches on the table top

Custom Hand-Painting Table Top with Stain to create a Walnut Finish

After Refinishing and Hand-Painting Stains creating a Walnut Finish. 

After Dallas Furniture Redesign Drop Leaf Table with New Walnut Finish

After New Walnut Finish. 

Before with Scratched Cherry Finish. 

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