Penny Wise Refinishing Gone Bad
Penny-wise but not good results
This client wanted her furniture refinished cheap and fast. It came back looking bad. Suirfaces Rx made the wood look good! Again
When it comes to refinishing you have the option of picking any two of these: Good, Fast, or Cheap. Fast and Cheap will not be Good.
Frances D
Dallas, TX
The Dog Chewed on My Antique Chest
The Dog Ate My Antique
I thought my grandfather's 100-year old antique chest was ruined.
Surfaces RX brought it back to life!
My puppy chewed on every corner of this 100-year old family heirloom. Surfaces Rx repaired the damaged and refinished the chest.
Mary Monaghan
Highland Park, TX
Dining Room Table Top Refinishing
Dining Room Table Refinishing Gone Bad
This table needed to be professionally restored after a friend's efforts to refinish it went bad.
A friend offered to refinish this dining room table and nearly ruined it. I called Surfaces Rx and they came to the rescue. Now it looks better than it did new!
Kevin Mulvaney
Rockwall, TX
Water Damaged Cabinet Repaired
Surfaces Rx was awesome! They arrived on-time, prepared the area, repaired the water damage, stained and sealed the new cabinet floor. They were very professional!
Ashley Sharp
Dallas, TX
Water Damaged Cabinet Repaired
The installers did not completely tighten all the screws for the water plate under the refrigerator, and it scratched the floor. Surfaces Rx fixed the screw first, and then they meticulously repaired my engineered wood floor. It looks great!
Thanks, Surfaces R
Robbie Winner
Frisco, TX
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