Wm Knabe & Co Louis XV Style Grand Piano Refinishing

Knabe & Co Louis XV Carved Baroque Style Grand Piano Refinishing

Before Refinishing by Surfaces Rx in Dallas TX 

Damaged Areas on Grand Piano

Creating Custom Finish for Louis XV Grand Piano

Starting with the Carved Baroque Style Piano bench Surfaces Rx gently removed the old finish before making repairs.

The next step was to apply a new Black Lacquer Base before hand-painting the engraved wood vines and flowers.  

Hand Painting the Detailed Wood Scrollwork

Piano Art Case with Action, Keyboard, and Strings Removed 

WM. KNABE & CO Seals

About Wm. Knabe & Company Pianos 
Wm. Knabe pianos is on the shortlist of greatest American pianos of all time. 
We are trying to determine when it was built using resources of PianoWorld.com. Serial number may have been painted over but there are other places we are looking based on feed back on the site on "How to find Knabe SN" and through a post we added. 

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