What we do

We give your wood surfaces a fresh start.

Our team of experienced craftsmen specialize in commercial millwork and wood-furniture repair, touch-up, and refinishing services. We have the tools and knowledge to give your furniture a second life, restoring even the most damaged or worn surfaces to their former glory.

Professional Millwork Touchup and Furniture Refinishing Dallas, TX

Hotel Guest-Door Touchups

Perfect & Durable Finishes

Color and Sheen Matching.  

Professional Materials

Waterborne or Oil Based. 

On-Site or

Your Place or Our Workshop   

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⊛ Repair Damaged Wood Surfaces
⊛ Touch Up Wood Elevator and Wall Panels
⊛ Restore Or Reface Veneered Surfaces
⊛ Cleaning And Maintaining Finished Millwork

⊛ Refinish Outdoor Teak Furniture

⊛ Renew Office Furniture

⊛ New Finish for Confernece Room Table

⊛ On Site Millwork Finishing

why we do it

We Love Wood

The natural beauty of wood is undeniable. Its warmth and unique grain patterns add character and depth to any space. From pale white to deep, rich brown, the color possibilities are endless. With the right care, wood can be polished to a gleaming shine, but over time, the finish may begin to fade and the luster may be lost.

That's where we come in. Our passion is rejuvenating and enhancing the inherent beauty of wood, bringing it back to its former glory. Whether it's through refinishing, staining, or adding decorative elements, we take pride in restoring wood to its natural splendor

We bring life and warmth back to the wood. 

Surfaces RX specialize in revitalizing wood surfaces. Our team of skilled craftsmen has a deep appreciation for the natural warmth and character of wood, and we are committed to restoring its beauty through a variety of techniques


What they say

Marie Jones 

Property Manager

Surfaces Rx is the best Second time to use them, they are the best! 

GranT Woodruff

Luxury High-Rise Condo Remodeler

Surfaces RX does all our cabinet touch up, furniture repair, and millwork refinishing. They do a fantastic job and I can trust them in our high end homes, condos, and offices

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