Who is Surfaces Rx?

Surfaces RX is your local source for professional furniture and wood touch-up, repair and refinishing services. We approach our profession as both an art and a science. We follow a proven process that delivers the best wood refinishing results possible. When it comes to wood, Surfaces Rx knows how to make your wood look good! 

Our company utilizes the skills of only master wood refinishers that have completed our required on-the-job training in the art of refinishing damaged wood surfaces. Also, and equally important, Surfaces RX takes pride in acting professionally and safely throughout the entire scope of your project.

Surfaces Rx adheres to CDC safety rules protecting you, your family, and our team in this rapidly changing world. We also take care to safeguard your home and the areas surrounding your refinishing project during our process, treating you and your home with respect at all times, and we believe in communication as a core value.

What types of Refinishing Services does Surfaces Rx Offer?

Surfaces Rx specialty is out turnkey On-Site Touch-Up and Repair Service. Our team of professionals come to your location, protect the surrounding area, prepare the wood by sanding, sealing and repairing minor damage before applying a new premium finish.  

  • Office Touch-Up & Refresh
  • Elevator Interiors
  • Cabinets & Vanities
  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Wood Restoration 

What is the Surfaces RX Refinishing Process?

We follow a proven step-by-step process that restores your wood to its natural beauty and luster that matches your existing stain or brings a new color and finish. 

  1. Safety First
    We do everything we can to decrease the spread of the coronavirus by practicing good hygiene, social and workplace distancing, and requiring sick employees stay home. 
  2. Protecting the Work Area
    Surfaces Rx begins your project by protecting any surrounding areas in your home that may be affected by dust or over-spray during the refinishing process. We cover up windows, tape edges, place drop-cloths down and hang plastic sheeting wherever necessary.
  3. Prepare the Wood for Refinishing
    We first start the refinishing work on the surface by just sanding off the old finish or by removing both the stain and finish, revealing the bare wood. Our professionals take great pride in bringing out your wood’s natural character and beauty. Although we sometimes use machine sanders, we primarily hand sand most surfaces. This gives us a greater ability to preserve your wood’s essence and character, enhances the natural ebbs and flows of the grain, and truly makes your wood look good!
  4. Repair Damages
    Next step Surfaces Rx repairs any scratches, chips, gouges, and other damages before staining the wood with a matching or new stain.
  5. Approve the Stain Color
    Once sanded, if the color of the stain is still undecided, our professionals can apply a few samples for customer approval before we move on to our next process. We only use the best supplies in the industry, primarily Mohawk stains, and finishes, and have learned that great results depend on great products.  

    We then ask the customer to sign a color approval form, and once signed, Surfaces Rx continues sanding the rest of the project, removing any samples that may have been applied, vacuums up all dust, and cleans up the area.
  6. Seal the Wood
    Surfaces Rx applies a coat of sealer, which dries very quickly. The refinishing process may require multiple applications, which requires sealing between each application of stain, if necessary, and making sure that the wood’s classic character has been preserved.

    We then scuff sand the coat of sealer, remove any residue or dust, and get ready to apply stain!
  7. Stain the Wood
    After the final coat of stain has been applied, and touch-ups completed, we then seal the stain into the wood by applying one last coat of sealer. We allow the sealer to dry (about 30 minutes) and again scuff coat the sealer to open up pores so that the finish can bond efficiently.
  8. Apply the Finish
    During the finishing process, we begin by spraying the first layer of finish (flat, matte, satin, gloss, or a high gloss) over the entire surface. Surfaces Rx then allows for at least overnight before we return to the project and look for any imperfections. We then remove any drips that may have occurred, lightly scuff the first coat of finish, and then apply a finishing coat.
  9. Clean-up
    Surfaces RX takes pride in leaving your home clean and wood looking good! We remove all trash, tape on hinges and surfaces, vacuum, and dispose of chemical waste in a responsible manner.
  10. Warranty the Work
    Surfaces Rx warranties all touch-up, repairs, and refinishing labor. Our goal is your satisfaction that we made you wood look good.

Does Surfaces Rx Make House Calls 

Yes. Surfaces Rx’s refinishing professionals typically work on-site for both residential and commercial wood touch-ups and repairs. We do have a network of woodworking studios and can provide pickup and drop-off refinishing services. Surfaces Rx also has a mobile front door refinishing service.

What is included in a Surfaces Rx Refinishing Estimates

The cost of any SurfacesRx refinishing project always depends upon the complexity of the work to be done. Cost factors include whether we are refinishing, resurfacing, or just doing minor repairs and touch-ups. 

Another consideration is if our team will be working onsite or offsite. occupancy of the job-site is occupied or vacant job-site.

SurfacesRx Estimates Include:

  • Materials needed
  • Surfaces Rx Hourly Rate or Project Cost
  • Our estimated hours/days/weeks/months to refinish your project 
  • 1-year warranty on labor

Is your damaged wood worth refinishing? 

It all depends on the cost of replacing the furniture and the personal value you place on the item that needs refinishing. For example, the cost to replace and install a front door is typically 50% more expensive than refinishing the existing front door. 

Surfaces Rx has experienced furniture refinishers and woodworkers that can advise you on whether or not your piece of furniture, millwork, or the front door can be restored to your expectations. There are two options to restore wood surfaces to their original luster and beauty: resurfacing or refinishing. 

Refinishing cost vs. Painting prices?

Refinishing requires more prep work than painting, especially if you want to change the stain color, or resurface. If you are refinishing a front door, the style of your front door will impact the cost of refinishing. 

Although painting may be a bit cheaper, paint will completely conceal your wood’s natural character and beauty. For example, the millwork Surfaces Rx refinished at 3525 Turtle Creek revealed quarter sawn oak, also known as Tiger Oak, a rare cut, and the results are astonishing. Surfaces Rx takes great pride in understanding your wood’s natural essence, and our professionals use a proven process that not only enhances the natural beauty of your project, but also lasts. 

What impacts the cost of wood refinishing?

The condition, age, and value of replacing the wood surface or piece of furniture determine cost. Also, the scope of the refinishing project and the extent of the damage or repairs needed will impact cost: the longer something takes to refinish, the higher the refinishing investment.

Raised-panel Colonial-style doors with arched upper rails take much longer to refinish than simple, flat-panel Shaker-style doors. The number of panels or panes can add additional time, complexity, and costs.

Factors such as layers of modeling, number of panels, intricate carvings, removing paint, or the need for wood repair will extend the timeline. Professional refinishing is a little like an archaeological dig; there is no predicting what the wood will reveal until the underlying surface is exposed. If any unexpected repairs or extra work is required, we notify the owner and issue a change-order, before continuing.

Resurfacing takes more time than refinishing surfaces. Refinishing involves removing the existing finish, repairing minor repairs, light sanding, painting, or applying the current stain color. Resurfacing allows you to change the color of the stain, which requires that we sand down to the bare wood before we apply your chosen color.

What are Minor Repairs

Minor repairs, such as scratches and dents in wood surfaces, may not require such intensive refinishing and can be completed within hours. However, we believe that there are no shortcuts in the refinishing process. You can be assured that from beginning to end, Surfaces RX professionals will communicate with you so that you fully understand the scope of the project, timeline for completion, and finish your project as efficiently as possible.

Why does Surfaces Rx have Hourly Rates and Project Rates

When SurfacesRx deploys teams of professional refinishers for minor wood refinishing services we estimate the time and then charge by the hour.

For larger projects, like refinishing all the kitchen cabinets or refreshing millwork, we provide a written estimate for the whole project. Upon approval, we set up timelines that work for you and your family, with a guarantee that our project manager will communicate with you during the entire scope of the project.

How Much Does Surfaces Rx Charge for Refinishing Projects?

Because wood is unique, and each piece may have a varied history, it is difficult for Surfaces Rx to give an exact price before seeing and inspecting the project or item(s) that need refinishing. For standard jobs that don’t involve complex or unique requirements, we can provide an average cost for basic refinishing jobs. 

We usually can offer a free estimate by having clients use our mobile-friendly Estimate Request form to send photos of a video of the floor, door, or furniture you want to refinish. This helps to provide us a clearer understanding of how much work will be required. Please place a ruler, coin, or dollar bill next to the damage before taking pictures or videos 

Here are some average pricing examples of some typical refinishing jobs 

Single Front Door Refinishing  $850-$1250

  • Refinish both the interior and exterior sides, each with four panels (1-window panel, 1-lower horizontal panel, and two lower vertical panels): $850-$1250. Includes protection to the surrounding area, preparing the wood for finishing (sanding, staining, sealing) and finishing the front door with coats of a select premium finish.

Dining Room Furniture

  • One dining room chair: $200-$250. Note that dining room chairs usually come in batches of six and require more labor than you might think.
  • Dining room table measuring approximately 3 feet by 5 feet: $500-$600. Includes sanding, staining, sealing, and finishing the tabletop with up to four topcoats of and minor touch-ups on the legs, if needed.

Refinishing Other Furniture

  • Tables: $600
  • Cabinets: $600
  • Dressers: $600

Free Estimates for Wood Furniture Repair, Touch Ups, Restoration, and Refinishing.