Surfaces Rx has a custom wood finsihinig solutions for any wood surface in Dallas, Texas. Our mobile Touch-up Specialists come to your project to touch-up and repair items. We repair damages like scraches, gouges, nicks, nail holes, and most any other damage on wood surfaces.  

Surfaces Rx are wood touch-up specialists, making furniture, cabinets, doors, millwork, and any other new or damaged wood surface look good. We repair damages like scratches, dents, chips, gouges, water marks, pet damages. We protect you wood with the finest and most durable finish. Surfaces Rx offers both residential and commercial wood touch-up, repair and finishing service.

Surfaces Rx Prepares Area for Refinishing

Surfaces Rx Prepares Area for Refinishing

Surfaces Rx Prepares Area for Refinishing

Applying Waterborne Top Coat Finish After Repairing Scratch Dallas Hardwood Floor

The advantages of a Surfaces Rx mobile touch-up is that the work is done on-site so there are no pick-up and delivery charges. And clients have almost instant access to thier refinished pieces. A Surfaces Rx touch-up is less messy and faster than total refinishing, and less expensive than replacing the damaged item or surfaces.

Surfaces-Rx-Mobile Onsite Touch Up Repair Service

Call (972) 850-5055 to book a Surfaces Rx mobile wood repair 

Who Uses Surfaces Rx?

Cabinets, Furniture, and Kitchen Retaiers use Surfaces Rx for touch-up and repair services to resolve customer complaints about factory defects, installation, and handling damages, eliminating the need for costly replacements.

Cabinet Refinishing

Surfaces Rx touch-ups, repairs and refinished damaged cabinet surfaces to match the existing cabinet color and sheens or change we can change the finish altogether. 

Project & Building Managers, Architects, and Developers use Surfaces Rx for touch-up and repair services for punch list items on wood cabinets and millwork before final walk-throughs.

  • Punch Lists
  • Trade / Install Damage
  • Nail & Screw Holes
  • Scratches And Dings
  • Moving Damage
  • Floors
Condo-Kitchen-Lazy-Susan-Cabinet Door needs Touch-Up & Repair at The Travis

Lazy-Susan-Cabinet Door Before

Condo-Kitchen-Lazy-Susan-Cabinet Door After-Touch-Up & Repair at The Travis by Surfaces Rx

Lazy-Susan-Cabinet Door After

Millwork Refinishing

During Refinishing Residential Millwork

After Residential Millwork Refinishing

Surfaces Rx Door Refinishing

Surfaces Rx Custom On Site Finishing  

Wood Panels in Study During Surfaces Rx Refinishing 

Moving Companies and Insurance Companies use Surfaces Rx for touch-up and repair services to resolve accidental damages and control costs. Surfaces logs all work, provides digital pictures and reports when needed.

Wood Touch-Up and Repair

Water Damage Repair Dallas Kitchen

Repairing Water Damaged Wood

BEFORE Surfaces Rx Water Damage Repair

Before Surface Rx Repair

After Surface Rx Repair

Against the Grain Scratched Wood Floors before Surfaces Rx Refinishing

Scrathced Wood Floor

Work Area before Repairing Damaged Dallas Wood Floor

During Surface Rx Repair

After Surface Rx Repair

Discriminating Homeowners who know that touching-up damages caused by normal wear and tear, keeps their millwork, wood furniture and cabinetry looking good without the need to strip and refinish them.

Exterior Door Finishing

Front Door Final Sanding before Topcoat Highland Park Texas

New French Doors During Surfaces Rx On Site Mobile Exterior Door Finishing

French Doors During Surfaces Rx Finishing

Highland Park Entry Way After Final Refinishing

French Doors After Surfaces Rx Finishing


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